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Web DesignFounded in 1984 as a part time endeavor to market and distribute various shareware programs, ALLIZ Software (pronounced “all is”) is a concatenation of my and my wife’s first names.  ALLIZ Software, located in Merritt Island, Florida, is comprised of myself, Al Spengler, a retired professional software engineer and web designer.  My niche is to provide affordable, low cost, high quality web site design to Christian ministries, small businesses, start-up businesses and non-profit organizations that otherwise would not be able to afford professional work.

Working as an independent consultant, I balance consulting with my personal life.  Preferring a retired lifestyle over a working one, I pick and choose my clients carefully.  I purposely keep my workload small and manageable, providing the client the best possible personal service at the lowest price.  I can do this because, as a retired individual and a one man shop, I am not driven by profit, salary and payroll.  As a client, your business or ministry becomes my priority.  During the project timeline, from consultation to delivery, you deal only with me.  Your project is never contracted out or assigned to another individual or agency.  If your project is a web site and you do not already have a domain name or a web hosting company, I can assist you in obtaining the best web hosting site for your requirements. I will also help you to secure the best domain name for your business, organization or ministry.

HandshakeMy goal is to please all of my clients.  While this is not always possible, because of limitations in all of our lives, my philosophy is that open lines of communication can solve a lot of problems before they get started.  I therefore attempt to maintain a good line of communication with all of my clients at all times.

Thank you for looking at ALLIZ Software.

Please contact me by going to the contact page to see how we can work together!