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Al SpenglerI started ALLIZ Software in 1984 as a part time endeavor to market and distribute various shareware programs.  Between 1985 and 1990, ALLIZ Software marketed its flagship program, CHECKBOOK ASSISTANT and later CHECKBOOK ASSISTANT Plus.  These programs were ahead of their time, the forerunner to Quicken® and Managing Your Money.  CHECKBOOK ASSISTANT Plus was written in “C” and was a DOS graphical program distributed on either a 5¼” or 3½” low density floppy disk and was bundled with a 239 page, printed and bound user manual… all for $15.00.  While CHECKBOOK ASSISTANT Plus and ALLIZ Software were my personal projects, I still relied on my full time job to put money in the bank and food on the table.  After Microsoft Windows version 3.0 was released on May 22, 1990, I just couldn’t find the time to fully convert CHECKBOOK ASSISTANT Plus from DOS to Windows.

After retiring from SRA International in 2002, I began writing custom software for startup businesses.  It was during this time that I developed and created the Dealer Services Suite.  As the sole proprietor of ALLIZ Software, I quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of business coming my way and was faced with the decision to either: grow the company or treat it as a part-time venture.  The latter won out.  There are many Christian ministries and non-profit organizations with small or nonexistent budgets that require professional software services.  I decided to limit my services to providing website creation/design and website update/redesign to small start-up companies, Christian ministries and non-profit organizations.

When I’m not busy developing applications or designing web sites, my wife and I can be found enjoying retirement.  I enjoy flying (a licensed commercial pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings), boating, fishing or traveling the globe.

I look forward to the opportunity to help your business or ministry become a vital presence on the web.  Please contact me with any questions.

In His Service,
Al Spengler